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What is a DDoS?

A Distribuited Denial-of-Service is an attack that exhausts the network resources of the attacked systems. Your online business becomes therefore unavailable and your users are not able to use your services. Protect your business by choosing the solution that best fits your needs and we will verify the proper functioning of your systems.

how it works?

What we do?

With floodr you can test your network architecture by scheduling your own real attacks in a controlled way. Choose a time window and use our network to run an attack against your systems. This will enable you to find the weaknesses of your infraestructure and determine the action plan to make it more reliable and robust.

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Run a controlled denial of service test from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. You will be able to monitor how your perimeter defenses behave during the attack. Choose the bandwidth that best suits your needs from 300Mbits up to 10Gbit.

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How it works?

floodr is a network and application stress service focused on running tests of denial of service attack in a legit and controlled manner. The test set currently consists of the following:

  •  SYN flood
  •  SYN/ACK flood
  •  ACK/PUSH flood
  •  RST flood
  •  ICMP flood
  •  UDP flood
  •  DNS flood
  •  slowloris attack
  •  HTTP flood
  •  SSL flood

Hiring a test, you will receive consecutively consuming any bandwidth you want. At this time you will see how your infraestructure bejaves (anti-DDoS systems, firewalls, IPS, WAFs, balancers or web fronts) and which alerts are generated. It will also be useful to see how respond monitoring equipment and all elements your organization has set up to minimize the impact of this situation. floodr is the tool you need to check the effectiveness of the procedure for responding to denial of service attacks.

Plans & Pricings

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The best way to find out what the deficiencies in the perimeter security architecture and elements must be reconfigured or replaced is conducting a controlled test denial of service. This way, you will see, in the time window you want, how you behave each of the systems.
The attack consists of a battery of tests that are executed consecutively: syn flood, flood syn-ack, ack-push flood, rst flood, ICMP flood, UDP flood, flood dns, slowloris attack. thc-ssl DoS and a flood of HTTP. All of them should be detected and stopped by their systems.
floodr architecture consists of dozens of servers spread around the world. With this feature the simulation of global attack, distributed and delocalized is complete.
You will get a HTML report of results with the summary of evidence: date and time of the attack, the bandwidth consumed by each of the nodes and monitoring your system seen from the Internet. This report aims to be a tool for you to optimize your network.
It may be the case that, based on the network status on the platform used for the tests, there are situations in which the bandwidth is generated slightly smaller or larger to the contracted.
At the moment you can define tests for 15, 30 minutes and 1 hour. At interactive mode, you can custom this value specifying how many minutes you need.
The price is calculated depending on the volume of traffic in which to perform the test and duration.
There will be a check (manual process by floodr staff) to ensure you have the permission of the systems you want to try to schedule an attack. Once it is validated, you can program as many attacks as you want.
Stress testing and performance exist in many other areas of technology. Will be a test of this type focused on improving the response to incidents of denial of service via floodr. Please read the privacy policy and terms of service for more information.
We will be happy. Send an email to support@floodr.net if you want a project to measure.
Do not hesitate to contact us via email at: support@floodr.net.

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our service, give us suggestions for new attacks or to just say hello!


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